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"Thanks anyway Phae."

Celina flew off from the fey’s house in utter bewilderment. She hadn’t seen goggle nor blonde lock of hair from the tinker all day. All of his likely places to be were absent of his presence as well, even Phae hadn’t see him! She even went to the Great Oak, but his father…


Stupid humans…stupid clocks!

Deet grimaced as he once again tried to start wrapping the raw skin of his right side; it was practically shredded, the wound oozing green. At least he’d managed the gash on his right arm and the scrapes on his legs alright.

He’d gone looking for tinker parts, found an old mantle clock by the side of the road, obviously broken. So he’d gone inside looking for gears. Apparently, his foot had kicked something enough into place for it to start working again.

The teeth of the cogs tore him up so badly…he’d barely had enough energy to make it home without anyone seeing him.

The tears trickled fast down his cheeks as he bit his lip to silence any further cries. His head jolted up when he heard Celina.

There was no way he could hide this from her…

When she came up the ladder, he wiped his eyes, putting on his best brave face.

"It’s…it’s not as bad as it looks…" he whispered, trying to reassure her.

"!" Celina exclaimed infuriated by him trying to put on a brave face. "You look like you’ve been playing inside one of those human blenders!"

She ran to his side and inspected the wounds without touching them directly at first. If the tears and green blood wasn’t enough of a sign, the raw and tore up skin of his right side only proved to validate that he was most certainly NOT okay. Her healing powers immediately set to work.

"I swear to the Moon Deet, if you try to hide this from me again…" Hot angry tears began to fall like massive rain drops onto her thighs. It wasn’t until the healing process and Deet had a new layer of skin and a replenishment of blood cells that her body began to tremble in response to the emotions raging within her.

She immediately hugged him around the neck. “Don’t you ever EVER try to hide something like this again! I don’t care how you get hurt or why, don’t you ever try to hide this from me! You hear me?! Never!”

She kept repeating “never” over and over as she sobbed into his chest. She could have lost him today and all because he didn’t come to her. Was it male pride? It didn’t matter. He could’ve died! The world would have lost its sunshine. And a world without the sun is no world that could be lived in.

"You could’ve died," she sobbed. "You could’ve died…"

Deet sat in ashamed silence as Celina set to work, her magic familiar and soothing. He deserved her anger…he should have just come to her…

Why hadn’t he just gone to her…

He started a bit when she threw her arms around his neck, sobbing warnings and what ifs onto his newly healed skin. It only made him feel worse to see how much he’d scared her.

Carefully, his new skin still a little tender, he wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair in an attempt to soothe her. His tears stared falling anew as he pressed a kiss to the crown of her head.

"I’m sorry…I know. I was stupid…I just…you’re always there to fix me up…but…what if you’re not? What’ll happen then? I’m-im a tinker; I’m meant to fix things…but what does that mean if I can’t even fix myself? For once I just wanted to fix myself…I-I’m sorry…"







Celina sat down on her knees in front of the girl. Her wings dropped down and she smiled sadly at the girl. “I go by many names, but you may call me Celina.”

The fairy eyed the girl cradling her wrist. “Here, let me heal that for you.”

Celina reached out as her hands began to glow gold and took a hold of the girl’s wrist. She gasped as she felt something go horribly wrong.

Elena tried to pull her hand away, but the kind fairy had already taken hold.

"Celina! No! Don’t!"

Too late. Elena felt the fairy girl’s energy pouring into her, sucked into the dark pit that lurked deep in her stomach. She struggled to break her grip, finally succeeding with a cry.

Elena whimpered as she saw Celina slump, knowing she’d hurt her. She reached for her carefully with her now healed hand, only to pull back when she flinched.

"Please…I didn’t mean it! I didn’t want it to happen again, I just c-can’t st-stop!"

Her voice trembled with terror and regret.

"I’m s-sorry!"

"N-No, its okay," Celina told her with what she hoped looked like a reassuring smile. It felt more like a grimace. There was so much pain. Energy draining never felt pleasant.

Still…she knew what it felt like to be in these situations. Her own powers…they had a horrible habit of hurting others as well.

Celina weakly sat back up. “I’ll be fine. Just stay here; I rigged the cave to block out tracking devices of any sort. I just…need to…rest…”

Celina felt her mind give way to the pain as her body slumped over onto the ground and it all fell silent.


No response from the fey. But she was breathing…usually they weren’t breathing. Elena whimpered and curled up even tighter against the wall.

Every medicine man who’d tried to heal her had ended up like Celina, hurt! Because of her! She just sucked and sucked at whatever energy was used on her…though she never meant to…

Elena shivered in the cold of the cave. Even though Celina had said the hunters wouldn’t be able to find them, that didn’t stop her mind from imagining man-shapes and sounds from the darkness.

Scared…she was so scared…

Elena looked once again at the fairy’s prone form, debating. But the shriek of bats finally sent her scurrying toward the other girl. She nestled beneath her arm and trembled, curling up against her body.

"I’m so sorry…" Elena whispered, even as terrified tears slid down her face.

Her heart had slowed to prevent any further damage. So very tired…

She hadn’t felt this drained since that power explosion way back when. As her magic rushed to make up for what energy had been stripped. Celina had never been more grateful in her entire existence to be a super powerhouse source of energy.

She felt a warm pressure against her body. It had to have been Elena. Even though her mind still felt disconnected from her body, her natural protective instincts kicked in and she tightened her hold on the girl to reassure her that everything was fine.

She was still here. She would always be there. She wouldn’t let them get her. She wouldn’t let another innocent being disappear into the night. No. Never again.

A fog filled her head, calling her to the peaceful escape of sleep. So tired…so very tired…

Elena let out a tiny squeak when Celina tightened her grip around her, her eyes wide. She bit her lip hard to keep from whimpering.

No one…no one she’d ever hurt had ever touched her again after it…but…this girl…was still protecting her?

Not even her own parents had done that.

With that thought ringing in her head, somehow Elena managed to fall asleep, nestled beneath Celina’s arm and feeling safe for the first time today.

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“Give ♥ this ♥ to the ♥ twelve♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥ get ♥ five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ perfect ♥”

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Celina mused over the possibilities as went to the fridge and pulled out a container of grapes and two waters.

"I have that movie Sky High saved on the DVR, you could watch Layla and get some pointers on how she uses her powers?” Celina made the suggestion light heartedly, but maybe it could actually offer them some tips?

"Yesssss let’s pop it in! I love that movie, I think this’ll be the eighth time I’ve watched it?"

Dietrich ran over to the living room and took a flying leap onto the black leather couch, a few Cheez-its flying out behind him like a comet trail.

"…I’ll clean those up later. Which remote starts the movie?"

He stared helplessly at all five of them, all lined up neatly on the glass of the coffee table.

Celina flicked her wrist and the third and fourth remotes went flying to her hands. “Its these two.”

She clicked a few buttons and sky high started playing. Celina plopped down beside Dietrich.

"I bet’cha they all don’t die at the end." Celina said with a grin. She slouched back on the couch and propped her feet up on the glass table; feeling its coolness of the glass seep through her socks. It had been a while since she could unwind with a friend. It felt nice.

"You forget, I HAVE seen this movie. I can probably quote the entire thing, you watch!"

Dietrich settled down, relishing the feeling of having someone close by. Usually, he’d be doing this alone, in his Star Trek pajamas, trying to keep the volume down so his mom wouldn’t make him do chores. It wasn’t the most enjoyable watching method, but it was better than watching people meet in front of the library to hang out with friends he didn’t have.

He kept quiet, mind still slightly melancholic, until the scene where Will threw Warren across the cafeteria, realizing for the first time he had super strength.

"…I was a lot like Will. When I first got my powers. Nothing and then BAM. Stuck with a power you have no clue how to control but that keeps acting up. He at least had super parents and a super school; I had charms and bindings and nowhere to turn."

He fingered his wooden necklace, remembering how fear filled those first few months had been. They’d told the staff he’d gotten sick with mono so they wouldn’t ask questions.

"At least I’ve got you now…right?"

Dietrich blinked wide green eyes at his toes before looking hopefully at Celina.

Celina looked over at Deet with sympathetic crystalline blue eyes. She shrugged. ”I’ve always been like Warren Peace. An outsider since the beginning. Never really having any friends, because my powers made me like a ticking time bomb. My parents are regular Joe kind of people; they had no idea to explain to people why their once brunette daughter now had white hair. I remember hearing them argue or have their secret conversations about what to do with me when they thought I wasn’t listening…Its always just been me learning through trial-and-error.”

"As for you and me." Celina lightly punched him in the shoulder. "Face it Dietrich, you’re stuck with me as a power tutor and a friend. You and I are lonely souls, so let’s be lonely together; okay?"

She set the grape bowl aside and pulled Dietrich in for a hug. She tightened her hold when she felt the tears begin to form in her eyes. It felt so nice to give someone a hug and not have them recoil at her touch out of fear. 

He held her tightly, feeling her strength anchor him even as moisture soaked his shirt from her tears.

"Sounds like a plan. It wasn’t as if you were getting rid of me anyway."

He sniffled a little, joking only to keep himself from crying too.

They stayed like that until the end of the movie, her nestled in his arms, him clinging as if she was the only solid thing in the room. Two lonely hearts conjoined for a few hours, forming a barrier against the world and responsibility.

For a little while anyway.

Dietrich heard the door open just as the credits started rolling. He let go of Celina reluctantly.

"…that’ll probably be your stepmom. I should go…"

He surreptitiously checked his phone; eight missed calls, one from the school, seven from his mom. He was going to be in so much trouble…

"Yeah. Go. Then my mother can kill me on sight."

Celina quickly whispered to him.”Before she does, tell her you saw the new girl Cerena having some sort of post traumatic episode. You know since the story is my parents, so you ran after me to calm me down. Hopefully she’ll understand. Either way, we’ll keep practice an after school thing.”

Celina spoke up so her ‘mom’ could hear them.” Thanks for helping me with that movie assignment for psych class. I have so much to catch up with, but this really helped. Thanks Dietrich.”

Her mom entered the room. “Oh, hey mom. This is Dietrich, he was helping me get caught up in a few of my classes. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

"Yep. Tomorrow."

Dietrich gave Celina’s step mom a quick wave, snatched up his satchel, and sprinted the few blocks back home.

An hour later, his mind reeling from the mental tongue lashing (only slightly assuaged by Celina’s excuse), Dietrich flopped onto his bed, dragging out his few pages of homework.

Absently, he traced the leaf etching in his new cuffs, feeling them tingle as his powers shifted.

Maybe…maybe they weren’t so bad after all…

Celina quickly completed her homework with a goofy grin still on her face. She tossed the books aside and tapped her fingers absentmindedly on the desk. Celina jumped to her feet, she was too excited, she needed to do something.

Quickly, Celina threw open her instrument case and ran a finger over the violin strings. The butterflies in her stomach urged her to set them free. Experienced hands tuned the instrument. Suddenly, the room was filled with a joyous melody that Celina made up off the top of her head to reveal how excited she was feeling.

She smiled and stopped playing when her thoughts turned back to Dietrich. A real friend who actually understood her and she them!

"This is the first time you’ve played since you’ve been here. I see why your father brags about how good you are so much."

Celina shrugged. “I’ve been playing since I was three; I hope I’m good.”

Angela smiled gently. “You should play at the music benefit next week. Your playing could raise a lot of money.”

"Oh no, I’m not that good," Celina put away the violin. "Plus, I can’t attract that much attention to myself."

Angela’s smile almost turned into a slight pout. “You are still attending the gala opening tomorrow. I think you are really going to like their work. You know, you could ask that boy to be your date.”

Angela’s smile returned upon seeing the heat rise to Celina’s cheek. After she had left, Celina sat on the bed with the blush only growing brighter on her face. Would Deitrich actually want to go? They had just met, what if he found it weird. She gulped; there was only one way to find out for sure…

The next morning, Dietrich was nearly falling asleep at his locker.

It had taken him ages to finish his homework and even longer to fall asleep; stupid AP classes…stupid excitement.

Tired as he was, he still grinned when he saw Celina coming towards him, even happier when he saw she had a smile on too.

He yawned in greeting, shutting the door on his pre-calc and geography textbooks.

" ‘Morning….you seem to be in a good mood."

"Good morning," Celina happily greeted with a blush already creeping into her cheeks.

She rubbed the back of her neck nervously and took in a deep breath. Just get it out! Just ask him!

"Umm Dietrich? Would you like to…go to this um dorky formal art opening with me tonight? My mom wants me to go with someone and I thought maybe you might want to go?"

Celina held her breath as she awaited his answer.

Dietrich blinked at her for a moment. That was…surprising. But his confused look quickly dissolved into a smile.

"Celi- errr Cerena…of course I’ll go with you. What are friends for?"

The bell rang and he bumped himself into her shoulder.

"C’mon. We’re gonna be late. And Mr. Crachee doesn’t like tardies. You can tell me all about the protocol for this ‘dorky formal art thing’ at lunch okay? See ya!"

Dietrich left her at his locker, practically sprinting to his next class. And even as he sat in to listen to the math lecture, he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Deet burst in the door and looked around frantically. "Celina?!" he cried. No one in the kitchen...He dashed up to his workshop. Celina lay still on the pile of pillows she used as a bed, a crystal ball filled with swirling smoke by her outstretched hand. A black haired girl sat on top of her, looking as if she hadn't noticed his presence. But he knew she already had. Deet drew his sword from the scabbard at his side. "What did you do, Ciara?" he growled, rage building.”









"Put your little toy away before you hurt yourself," Ciara responded with a bored tone. She wasn’t in the mood to be bothered by him. Ciara got to her feet and picked up the sphere, staring at with a frown. She turned back to Celina placing a hand on her forehead.

Celina blinked and looked up at Deet in sleepy confusion. She winced as the previous events came rushing back.

"…Yeah…looks like I did."

She slowly sat up and rolled out of the hammock. She stretched looked up into the streaming sunlight.

"I guess we should probably head out then?"

"Yeah, we should."

Deet struggled out of his blankets, stretching a bit until his spine cracked. He started gathering up the food and water pellets, stuffing them into sacks he found in a dusty box in the corner.

He handed one to Celina and kept the other for himself.

"Shall we."

"We shall." Celina slung the bag over her shoulder and flew down the tunnel with a nervous ease. They exited and all was quiet…almost too quiet.


Celina gasped and spun around. There, sitting on the face of the monument were at least twenty pixies all in leaf green dresses with red leaf wings and spikey orange hair. There was no telling them apart; they all looked the same.

"Get fairy. Get fairy!"

"Deet! Run!" Celina screamed. She pulled out her wand and began blasting the pixies with whatever kind of magic would shoot out of it: water, moon energy, ice, etc. But there were too many pixies! They swarmed her. Their sheer numbers alone overwhelming her.

They all wanted the same thing; her wand. Celina made it disappear before they tackled her. The sensation of falling through the sky was enough to make a fairy want to hurl. But throw that on top of being bitten and scratched by at least ten or more pixies? Celina couldn’t curl up into a ball fast enough.

"Magic! Give it!" "Wand! Where?!"

Celina screamed as the pixies began tugging at her wings. It was every winged creatures weakest point and they were sinking so low as to use that to their advantage. “STOP IT!”


About half the pixies had gone after Deet, the ones on Celina screaming and clawing for her wand. His pixies held his arms and legs, even his wings, which quickly brought tears to his eyes. He couldn’t move! The leader inspected him, gripping his chin tight and turning it though he tried to jerk away.

"Boy fairy…no wand? But boy…we like."

The other pixies chattered excitedly.

"Since no wand, we take boy."

"What?! NO!!"

Deet fought hard against the pixies grip, but felt himself dragged back even further. Then he heard Celina scream, saw the mass of fighting drift closer and closer to the ground.


His anger brought his moon magic roaring from the pit of his stomach, coming out in a silver green corona and stunning the pixies that held him. Those his blast missed snarled and charged him, but he dodged.

Soon he was racing toward Celina, his own band on his tail.

He was in the mass of pixies, fighting, clawing, trying to get to her in any way possible. With a cry, he succeeded, wrapping her bleeding body tight in his arms. He winced as the pixies raked him, but he didn’t let go.

They hit the ground hard, rolling and tumbling, bruising skin easily. Most pixies were left behind. They rolled right next to a small hole, a tricky entrance. No pixie could get in…they weren’t smart enough. Bleeding and limping, Deet managed to drag them both inside.

"Well…that was…interesting." he said with a wince and a huff.

There was no immediate response at first. The shear overwhelming fear of the pixie attack rocked her to the core. She curled up tight against Deet’s chest, whimpering at the sound of the pixies trying to find their way in.

"Interesting is an understatement," Celina replied with a shaky laugh. She wrapped her arms around him tightly still shaking like a leaf. Healing light covered them both like a blanket, undoing the damage the pixies had caused, but coming at a price. The injuries sustained had left her short on energy meaning only their physical wounds would be healed, leaving their exhaustion still very much present.

Deet held Celina, keeping her close even as the sound of the pixies’ scrabbling faded and disappeared, as the day cycled from early morning to late afternoon.

He rested his chin on the crown of her head, listening carefully for anymore signs of life.

"I think they’re gone, now…we should leave while we still can; they may come back."

Celina just silently nodded as she pried her arms from his torso. She eyed the hole nervously, but her senses told her the coast was clear. Then again, her senses hadn’t been able to tell there were twenty pixies outside before!

"You’re right, we’ll need to get there before night fall otherwise flying will be difficult."

The flight over was slower than any of their trips. Celina was just too tired to really do anything besides flying. When the town of Ann Arbor finally came into view, it was a very welcomed sight. “Awesome, all we have to do is find a fairy home and see if they’ll let us stay for the night.”

Celina searched around, hoping to pick up the magical energy of these “Urban Fairies”. She frowned. That was strange, she wasn’t really picking any hot spots up until- ”Oh! I got one, this way.”

Celina flew down to a grey business building. In between it and another store, a tall grey fairy sized door was built into the wall. Celina hovered warily away from it, why was it so dark and dull?

"Deet, I have a bad feeling about this home; we should try and find another."

Just as she was about to turn and fly away, a human sized shadow was cascaded on the wall in front of them. Celina turned and gasped in horror. ”A magic hunter!”

What had she done?!


Deet wheeled, slower than usual in his exhausted state. The black clad human reached for him, but he just managed to dodge out of the way.


He dodged more grasping hands, but the effort cost him. Stupid long flight, stupid pixies!

Out of the shadows emerged more shapes, armed with nets and blocking the exit. Deet skidded midair, trying to turn back around but only finding the other human.

From behind he heard a scream. He looked back just in time to see one of the hunters grab Celina by her shimmering wings and toss her into a small sack. He screamed and dove at the man, fury blurring his vision as well as judgement as he bit hard into the man’s neck. The man wailed and batted at Deet, managing to clip him and send him spiraling to the ground.

He lay there in the dirt gasping, his body aching, all air knocked out of him. The bleeding man glared while another snatched him up, pinning him in his grip.

He just managed to catch a final glimpse of light polluted sky before the dark folds of another sack closed around him.

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7. Dancing at Home

Deet carefully wound the tiny golden key of the music box he’d found inside an abandoned cabin; for months he’d been restoring it as best he could and now he could finally test it!

Tinkling notes rose into the air in a plaintive melody. He recognized it…it was by a famous human composer….Debussey?

He felt himself start to sway, envisioning a still night, the stars gleaming.

Deet swished to the side, arms held around an imaginary partner. He whirled and twirled her around, watching silver hair fly in his mind’s eye.

Of course it would be Celina. Every since Midsummer, he wanted to dance with her again.

Humming quietly to himself, eyes closed, he didn’t hear his door open until she was suddenly right there, grinning softly at his dance.

Deet dropped his arms, flushing heavily, staring at his bare feet.

"Umm…I…I didn’t see you there, Celina…"

Deet grinned in response, the faintest trace of his blush still lingering on his cheeks.

"My new one is a gem too."

He bent down slightly, catching her lips in a soft kiss while his arms closed the tiny distance left between them. Their waltz dissolved, becoming just them, rocking against each other and moving in the smallest of circles.

He’d never told her just how much he enjoyed having her in his arms, seeing her smile…he should start doing that more often. Yes.

But for now, he never wanted this moment to end.

Her heart raced the moment his lips met hers as if a spark of energy shot through her body the moment they touched. Their dancing slowed down to the smallest of movements. She could go on forever in this very moment; just him and her together. As long as he had him, she didn’t need anything else.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Celina frowned as their moment was now cut short. Who could that be?

Deet let out a tiny growl at the interruption, more bark then bite.

"…let’s keep dancing. They can wait…"

But the mood was already ruined, the moment lost. With a sigh, Deet let go of Celina, wandering back downstairs with a frown plastered on his features.

The usual guard hovered outside the door, another envelope in his hands.

"Message for Miss Celina from Burgess."

"Really?! Alright…I’ll bring it to her."

The guard passed it to him with a tip of his hat and flew away. Deet padded back up the ladder, the blue envelope clutched in his hand.

"Letter from Burgess…for you."

"For me?" Celina took the envelope as if it could potentially hold some kind of poison. Why would someone from Burgess write her a letter? The Burgess fairies used the water to communicate with her, so why this?

She opened the envelope and read the finely written cursive letter. The moment she concluded, she dropped it to the ground and loosely covered her mouth with one hand. “They-they’ve kicked me out. They officially exiled me from the Grove. This is horrible. I’ve lost diplomatic immunity, your council could now kill or exile me at will!”

With wide eyes, she stared at Dietrich in horror as another realization hit her. ”Deet…there are two things that can kill a fairy besides bodily injury. To permanently break her wand or to take away her home. A fairy’s magic needs an anchor, a root to the Earth and if I don’t have an officially declared home-“

She gasped as her body’s light began to flicker. Her wings dropped, suddenly becoming too heavy to hold their own weight. Her legs felt like jelly and suddenly she was falling. No, it was worse. Without a home, she was dying.


Deet caught her as she slumped into his arms, her usually brilliant light dim. He thought quickly, his mind racing against the clock.

"Okay…okay. So…we gotta get you a home, right? An official home. Which means talking to Dad…"

Bad idea. Dad didn’t like Celina as it was; it’d take a lot to convince him to let her become a permanent resident…

Mom then. She’d help him.

Deet picked up Celina’s shivering body and flew to his mother’s house, bursting in the door.

"Mom…she’s sick. Something about…not having a home. No root to the earth."

His mother rushed over without a word, a frown on her face as she inspected the girl.

"…it’s not good, Dietrich. You should take her to the clinic; your father-"

"Doesn’t like her anyway and won’t help unless I beg. But he’s the only one who can grant citizenship! I need you to help me convince him."

"You know how set he is. He won’t change his mind, even if I intervene."

"Then what do we do?! She’s…she’s dying!"

His heart thudded hard in his chest as his mother looked at the pair once more. Celina was dying…and…and there was nothing he could do about it. His mother gripped his hand and looked him straight in the eye.

"Dietrich…do you love her?"

"Yes. With all my heart and soul."

"Then…there is one way. You have to marry her; that automatically makes her a citizen of the village."

Marriage?! A bolt of fear flashed through him. Was he ready? Could…could he really get married? One look at Celina’s condition sealed his answer. He cradled her face in his palms, her eyes barely open.

"Celina…please. I-I love you, more than anything, ANYTHING in this world. Please. Will you…will you marry me?"

There were two kinds of cold in this world; nature cold and the cold of death. The second was much chillier than she thought it would be. Cold…she was so cold…Her heart and soul desperately reached out to the warmth of the sun that cradled her unresponsive body in his arms.

She was hardly conscious of anything going on around her until she heard his voice. It was so caring and filled with so much love, she was glad it would be his voice that would fill her ears in the end…Wait. Did he say the words ’marry me’?

A special kind of energy filled her for a few fleeting moments from the love that sprang forth from her very core. She took in a raspy breath and looked up at him with loving half open eyes.

“Its…taken me dying…for you to finally ask?…” She chuckled weakly. “Of course…I will…I love…”

Celina was cut off by her body’s sudden shudder as another tie to the Earth was severed by one of death’s cold tendrils. Celina felt her body’s warmth diminish even further. She tried to stay alert, but everything was fading to black so quickly.

She desperately looked over to the blurry form of who looked like Deet’s mother. “Take care of him…for me…”

Her body shuddered again and the light that usually emanated from her was now practically nonexistent. She looked back up at Deet, mustering up whatever strength she could.

“You always…deserved someone more stable, someone better…someone worthy of your love and kindness…you have made me…so happy…I-I’m so sorry… I love you…my answer…will always be…I do.”

The darkness was closing in, she maybe had mere minutes left now. She didn’t want to go. They promised each other that they would be together forever. Why-Why did forever have to end so soon?

Deet gave a hiccuping laugh as her eyes blinked weakly open, her comment just this side of teasing.

"I know…I-I know…I don’t know what took me so long…"

She shuddered again, letting out a cry as another tie to the earth was severed, her glow nearly gone. He clutched her tighter, as if his grip could keep her here.

"No…NO! Celina! H-hang on! Please…please hang on…"

Too late. With her final answer, she fell limp and her glow was extinguished.

"…C-Celina? No…no no…nonono…"

The dam burst and his tears poured down his cheeks as he cradled her body, pressing his forehead to hers and sobbing. She…she was gone…he’d failed. The one thing he wanted to protect, to keep safe…and when it came down to it he couldn’t fix her…

Wait. Was that…a heartbeat?!

It was barely a flutter…but it was there!

He jolted up, staring at his mom with red and puffy eyes, trying not to grasp too desperately to this final thread of hope.

"She’s…she’s still alive! Wh-what do I do?!"

His mom grabbed his hand, keeping him anchored.

"I’m your witness. That will stand. All you need to do now is say you take her to be her wife and kiss her! Then she’s yours…I only hope this works…"

Deet nodded and raised a trembling hand to Celina’s cheek, stroking it before lifting her head up slightly.

"Celina…I won’t let you go yet! I take you as my wife! I DO!"

He leaned down and pressed his lips against her unresponsive ones, hoping against all hope that she’d come back to him.

Holy Shite….

Twenty nine replies…wowza.




Happy Easter!


Awwww thanks dear! *huggles*



Happy Easter!


Awwww thanks dear! *huggles*

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